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Say’hu is a Gambian American hip-hop recording artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. His music stresses the issues of capitalism, poverty, and war and is often loaded with witty metaphors and heart felt messages that everyone can relate to. With hip-hop being his musical root and most important source of inspiration, he says artist such as 2-pac, Jay-Z, J. Cole, Knaan & Fugees are key influences in his own pursuit of musical recognition. In his song “Summer Came Early” he talks about the corruption of his homeland and the truth about being truthful. “From the holy land where kings and queens reside / Politics and diamonds is the reason niggas die / The truth kills, being real is suicide.” He also represents his country by the way he dresses and with lines like “Pay some homage to the guru, out here reppin’ for the people /I do shit how I wanna, I ain’t looking for approval / This that black super hero, that African voodoo.”

He also raps about the potential of a country failing to moving forward and protect the immigrant people. “In a Donald Trump world, I hope I see 28 / I’m guilty for three crimes. My nigga, wish me luck / Young, black, plus he Muslim, God dammit, I’m fucked.” He proceeds to talk about the life of a young black man in the streets. “Welcome to the block, they bang and sell rocks / Ain’t no graduating from this school of hard knocks / Bunch of young niggas drug dealing / Tryna’ make it out the trap nigga, go figure” Like we discuss in class, young males in the ghetto usually don’t finish school and turn to selling drugs in order to make money and most either get killed or end up in jail. Sad to say but he’s speaking nothing but the truth. The video is very simple yet carries a message and it was shot on an IPhone 6 which is dope cause the video is very clean.


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