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Sophia Byass is  a rapper, dancehall singer, and songwriter from Gambia. She was born on March 26, 1993. She started music at a young age at a local church choir after graduating from senior secondary school. Her distinctive voice, captivating stage acts and vocal skills continue to earn her huge number of fans each time she takes to the stage. In her song her song Tell Me What she tackles the rap game. She hits you with quick bars and a lot of witty remarks some say she is the Gambian Nicki Minaj. In the first few seconds of the video she is shown sitting on a throne letting you know right away that she is the boss.  Throughout the song there is hip hop feminism. She is wearing what she wants because she can cause like I said before she’s the boss. She men standing around her to reinforce that as well and she even has male backup singers. She has a line where she says “Checking another n!$$a a damn abomination” letting you know that she is not pressed over a person and doesn’t have time for that and you should not be either. Even in the chorus she says “Tell me what you want ima tell you what you need” she plays her rules and lets you know it and if you don’t agree she’s on to next. Which I think falls under the topic sexual identity because she knows who she is and what she wants. She is one of the few Gambian female artists who ventured into a virtually male dominated dancehall domain. Despite the stiff competition in the dancehall scene, she has managed to survive the heat and continues to conquer the country’s music scene. This has enabled her to become a household name in the country’s music industry in recent years.

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