My Motherland Is Not A Jungle: Africa Through Say’hu’s Eyes

I decided to choose an artist whose name I did not hear much in the class. The title of Say’hu’s song, “Motherland” drew my attention

Not Your “Average” Females

I recall watching a Dope Saint Jude video earlier in the course. She was raw and so eclectic, so when I saw her name on

Inside and Out

The moment I heard Gigi LaMayne’s “Fees Will Fall” another well-known female rapper came to mind. Hailing from the U.S is Angel Haze, who’s image

Hewale and Revolution

Ghanaian artist: C-Real Senegalese artist: Didier Awadi Instantly I could detect differences between these two artist. C-Real has the ” harder ” sound though he

Authentic vs. Commercial

  Country: Sierra Leone Artists: Kao Denero and Sierra Leone Underground Rappers Both artists are categorized as hip hop artists or rappers. However, they have