Universal Politics

Kao Denero

Once again we visit Kao Denero in order to gain a better understanding of Salone culture. Kao Denero and Del Vaqyo join forces to present “Fresh Faces”, a song written to encourage citizens to be politically active. This song is performed primarily in English. I believe that by singing the song in English, Kao Denero is able to spread his music to a larger audience. Continue reading “Universal Politics”

Daddy Saj

Joseph Gerald Adolphus Cole, commonly known as Daddy Saj was born in 1978 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He fled to Guinea in 1997 as a refugee where he became more involved in music. When he returned to Sierra Leone he linked up with Jimmy B , a producer who signed him to his Paradise Family Label. In 2003 Daddy Saj started his own label called Daddy Saj Entertainment. Continue reading “Daddy Saj”