Daddy Saj

Joseph Gerald Adolphus Cole, commonly known as Daddy Saj was born in 1978 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He fled to Guinea in 1997 as a refugee where he became more involved in music. When he returned to Sierra Leone he linked up with Jimmy B , a producer who signed him to his Paradise Family Label. In 2003 Daddy Saj started his own label called Daddy Saj Entertainment. Continue reading “Daddy Saj”

Young Paris

Based in New York City,  Milandou Badila aka Young Paris, is not only taking over the hip hop game but also branching out to other different genres. Paris has been acknowledged fo his incorporation of hip hop, trap, and African drumbeats along with electronic music.

Born to Congolese parents, Young Paris and his nine other siblings were all apart of a dance group in his earlier upbringing. Young Paris came into the industry not being afraid to be proud of where he is from. Along with his other siblings, they all pay tribute to their heritage by incorporating traditional dress and body paint and adding a modern day twist to it. Continue reading “Young Paris”

Bow Down to The Empress

On January 12 1992 the Limba tribe of Sierra Leone gained a great addition the Hip Hop community. Philka Tenneh Kamara, better known to her fans as Empress P, is one of the country’s best. Empress P started rapping in her early years to help spread her point to those who may or may not be educated about peace, survival, and hope.

Empress was fortunate to sign with REEMS entertainment which benefited her rap career incredibly. While working with them , Empress dropped many hits but the song that toped them all was “Feminine Era” .  Her 99 bars created a nationwide impact for female rap in general. Because she was able to produce so many hit songs, she was nominated over 5 times as best female hip hop rapper and over 3 times as best new artist. Continue reading “Bow Down to The Empress”

The Struggle is Real

On December 1st 1983, Sierra Leone artist Soufian Kamara was born in Freetown. Soufian is better known by his stage name Souferior. At the early age of 13, Souferior came to the conclusion that he was destined for the music business. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until he went to Guinea in 1998 that he decided to make music his career. Continue reading “The Struggle is Real”

Haters Gonna Hate

Sierra Leone muscian Alhaji Amadou Ba, better known as LAJ da Boss or Boss Da LAJ, is no stranger to the Sierra Leonean community. LAJ’s first album, TOS (Talk of Salone) brought real hip hop to the fans that were craving it in the country. He founded his own label known as Red Flag Movement and has performed in many different countries. Continue reading “Haters Gonna Hate”