Haters Gonna Hate

Sierra Leone muscian Alhaji Amadou Ba, better known as LAJ da Boss or Boss Da LAJ, is no stranger to the Sierra Leonean community. LAJ’s first album, TOS (Talk of Salone) brought real hip hop to the fans that were craving it in the country. He founded his own label known as Red Flag Movement and has performed in many different countries.

His music video for his song “Let Dem Talk” is very similar to the gangster rap in the United States that I see today. He associates his self with the “blood” gang and you can notice that by all of his people in the video. His lyrics are so hard and real and in this song he is just rapping about his lifestyle and the haters that come with it.

” Let dem talk , me de walk da walk , me no get the glock , me no give a f*ck” is his opening lyrics so already he is coming in hard letting the listeners know he is nothing to play with. Its be rumored that this particular song was a diss track to the famous Sierra Leonean raper Kao Denero back then because they were rival rappers and had rival labels.

He also dropped a song called “Lollipop” and the chorus resinated with me because not only is it catchy but it also is relatable. He is telling his haters basically that they can talk mess about him all they want but at the end of the day you don’t really know him and one day he is going to make you realize that you you should’ve kept his name out your mouth. LAJ is a rapper that gives you the real each song and doesn’t care what you think or have to say if you not supporting him and i dig that.

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