Bow Down to The Empress

On January 12 1992 the Limba tribe of Sierra Leone gained a great addition the Hip Hop community. Philka Tenneh Kamara, better known to her fans as Empress P, is one of the country’s best. Empress P started rapping in her early years to help spread her point to those who may or may not be educated about peace, survival, and hope.

Empress was fortunate to sign with REEMS entertainment which benefited her rap career incredibly. While working with them , Empress dropped many hits but the song that toped them all was “Feminine Era” .  Her 99 bars created a nationwide impact for female rap in general. Because she was able to produce so many hit songs, she was nominated over 5 times as best female hip hop rapper and over 3 times as best new artist.

Empress P’s music video for “Feminine Era” started off great. Just by the intro of the video as a first time listener of hers I already knew she was going to hop on the beat talking mess. I ultimately was right because from what I could put together she wanted everyone to know she’s the best out here doing this rap thing. From what I got just from the title of the song, I thought she was just trying to get across that the time has come for women to take the crown. Its the era of women to run the rap game.

Put money on me and triple your bet, cause I’m triple the threat , and if I drop this record ima triple my fans , and my lyrics gon’ hurt you like a bullets through your chest

I instantly started going crazy when she dropped that fire like that. Women in the rap game have been underestimated and i feel Empress P came in the game like she’s here and she’s here to stay.

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