Nata, US/Sierra Leone

Nata, known as Rap’s Sweetheart, is a new up-and-coming artist of the African diaspora. She was born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in

Find Our Way, a woman’s perspective

Isatta Sheriff is a Sierra Leonean UK rapper. In her song Find Our Way, she characterizes the ways in which we as society conceptualize the

using politics to influence music: DADDY SAJ

Daddy Saj, born Joseph Gerald Adolphus Cole, is a rapper from Sierra Leone who uses his platform to call out political corruption and provide hope

Freetown, Sierra Leone: we rise above the dust

*Song translation- () The song, “Friton we Komot” by collaborating artists That Boy Jay, Icon, Peti_T, AA and Ejatu is a political hip hop piece

The Roles Reversed!

It’s no secret that Sierra Leone hip hop is predominantly run by men. There is a common stigma in many African societies that women must

dancehall Chief, Faze Ya Alimamy

Born Fatmama B. Kamara, Faze Ya Alimamy is a Sierra Leone-born female artist who uses her platform to spread positive messages & vibrant sounds that

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