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Daddy Saj, born Joseph Gerald Adolphus Cole, is a rapper from Sierra Leone who uses his platform to call out political corruption and provide hope to his community. He is arguably one of the biggest and most respected rappers in his country. In his rapping dialect, he uses rhyming and traditional goombay, the official music of the Bahamas.

Educational Background & Childhood

Saj was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone in the year of 1978. He was born into a Creole household, but found most of his musical inspiration through African American hip-hop. Suddenly Saj had to leave Sierra Leone and fled to Guinea as a refugee once President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah was overthrown in 1997. While temporarily in Guinea he became involved with the West African music scene and made significant connections with other rappers. 

Musical Background

Once it was safe enough for Saj to return to his own country, he met a producer who signed him to his first label, Paradise Family Label. Jimmy B’s label went on to produce several hit songs of Saj’s. Saj decided to take his talent elsewhere, founding his own label by the name of Daddy Saj Entertainment. After founding his own label in 2003, Saj released his debut album Corruption. The song Corruption E Do So remains the most popular among Sierra Leoneans and was inspired by the rampant governmental corruption happening in Freetown. Saj’s second album is entitled Densay Densay, inspired by cases of sexual harassment. One of his most recent songs is a collaboration entitled I’m Alive.

I’m Alive urges people to find hope in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that we are all struggling through. Everyone in the song, including Daddy Saj, gives thanks to the most high for surviving this long. The video itself features a young man who is suffering from the virus and Daddy Saj, Jay Sankoh, Succulent, Daddy Saj, MDG, Rahim De Wezard give him hope in their hazmat suits so that they do not catch the same virus he is suffering from. Daddy Saj and his messages keep up with the current times and reach his fans right on time. Current events and traditional music genres influence his music and sustain his connection to his listeners.

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