Nata, US/Sierra Leone

Nata, known as Rap’s Sweetheart, is a new up-and-coming artist of the African diaspora. She was born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in New Jersey. She is a first-generation Sierra Leonean American, who’s music is guided by her experiences. Her music does not necessarily revolve around being Sierra Leonean, however, she is not afraid to mention it in interviews or on Instagram. She reps African fashion and often speaks about the dichotomy of being an African American and Sierra Leonean in America. She recognizes that her Black experience is compounded by the fact that she is also African with a traditional African name and all that entails. She represents the diaspora through how tuned in she is to the African American experience of racism. She also represents Sierra Leone by how she expresses the expectations for success from the African community. In her most popular released song, “Art Thou” she addresses the black experience in America. This track came out during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement in June of 2020. “Art Thou” lyrically references the common start of a biblical prayer, while playing on the imagery of classical art. Nata, however, decides to explore Black representation in art by inserting herself into famous classical art pieces. The song beautifully illustrates her through living art. It conveys a sense of disillusion with the current state of her blackness and the struggle of the black experience in the United States. 

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