dancehall Chief, Faze Ya Alimamy

Born Fatmama B. Kamara, Faze Ya Alimamy is a Sierra Leone-born female artist who uses her platform to spread positive messages & vibrant sounds that make anyone want to move. She began dancing herself in her teenage years and her biography influences the sound of her music and who she is today. 

Educational Background

Kamara was born in Makeni City, the largest city in Sierra Leone, on December 1, 1994. She grew up with a mother, Isatu Kamara, who taught and a father, John Kamara, who traded. She grew up with three brothers and one sister. During her school years she attended Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone Primary and the United Methodist Church Secondary School. It is clear that the importance of education was instilled in her as she grew up.

Musical Background 

Faze Ya Alimamy was born around 2015 through her first single of Can’t Let You Go. She was influenced by musicians like Star Zee, Cynthis Morgan, and Spice from Jamaica. Her first single was produced under the label, IMC Record Studio, and a music video was put out to accompany the single. At this moment she is signed to Wilbert Music Groups where she is a lead vocalist. Her popular songs include Warn Dem, Fine Boy No Money, Money Damager, and Wass You Face to name a few. One of her most recent songs include Go to School, released January of this year

Go to School is a song with a message urging young women in Sierra Leone and elsewhere to work towards their educational goals and avoid distractions. The video takes place in a small school, most likely in Makeni City, and Faze Ya Alimamy is dressed in a school uniform. This message is somewhat of a generational one. We hear it from our mothers, grandmas, aunties, but Faze Ya Alimamy takes this message and gives us a modern version on a dancehall beat, why wouldn’t you want to listen? 

Facebook: Faze Ya-Alimamy Babygal

Twitter: @Dancehallfaze

Instagram: @faze_ya_alimamy

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