Universal Politics

Kao Denero

Once again we visit Kao Denero in order to gain a better understanding of Salone culture. Kao Denero and Del Vaqyo join forces to present “Fresh Faces”, a song written to encourage citizens to be politically active. This song is performed primarily in English. I believe that by singing the song in English, Kao Denero is able to spread his music to a larger audience. Continue reading “Universal Politics”

K’naan the Prophet

In the diaspora, there are many parallels across the aspects of culture. Whether discussing experiences on the continent of Africa, in the United States,  in Eurasia, or in Southern America, there are commonalities of reality amongst people of melanin. Carrying this idea into the world of music, it is not surprising that music emphasizes the commonalities. K’naan is a perfect example of the cross-sectionalitey of diasporic experience. K’naan is a Somalia-born, Canadian raised rapper, poet, philanthropist, and revolutionary. After escaping from a civil war in Somalia, K’naan moved to America where he taught himself English through rap music. His experience with rap music influenced his diction and his perception of the community around him, as his repertoire included highly observant rappers such as Nas. Continue reading “K’naan the Prophet”

A Leader Amongst Men

If there is one aspect of hip hop that is sub par across the world, it is that there is not enough female artists in the mix. Hip hop was birthed in America, in a patriarchal society, which has made it difficult for women to excel and receive proper recognition. The same struggle can be parallel is evident in Africa where patriarchal and religious influence dictate much of the culture. The presence of these influences in Sierra Leone are what make Star Zee a necessary anomaly.

Continue reading “A Leader Amongst Men”

Salone’s Fresh Face

Following the trend of African artists before him and artists to come, Amara Denis Turay, better known as Kao Denero, is merging hip hop music with the current events of his country. The Sierra Leonean musician and Peace Ambassador released “Fresh Face” in light of the highly anticipated election of 2018. The song features Del Vaqyo, an artist Denero discovered, and is a commentary on the necessity of new leadership in Sierra Leone. Continue reading “Salone’s Fresh Face”