Tanzania’s Hip Hop rep

Fid Q, one of Tanzania’s most widely known Hip Hop rappers hit the scene again last year in the middle of our global pandemic with another banger. The Tanzanian rapper is known for his pride in his country and African heritage. More so his love for Hip Hop culture truly comes across in all of his work. Coming out with his first album in 2005 Fid Q, even in 2021, is only beginning to come into his prime. Gaining more recognition on the continent, and slowly internationally, Fid Q is beginning to weave in more of his beliefs, pride, and other hip hop themes.

In his video last year titled “Tajiri Yangu” which in Swahili translates to “My Riches” he could be seen hyping Tanzania. Though he was speaking Swahili it was quite clear what Fid Q was alluding to. His love for community, his people, and his country are things that he gives visual reference too in his video. Something I visualized after watching the video a couple of times was, from his point of view, all the wealth, riches, and material goods we see in mainstream media today is well and good but, his wealth and “my riches” came from something much more homegrown and organic. It was him shouting out the things in his life and culture that make him rich and in that all the pride and joy he needs is sustained.

The video is constructed so well too. From plains of camels to the streets in Tanzania, the continuity is effortless and his message gets across more than clear.

Fid Q is definitely still an artist to be on the lookout for. Since African Hip Hop is on the rise more than ever recently we may see his name become more well known in Hip Hop circles.

You can find his video here! > https://youtu.be/A6rZPHDy2Es

You can also find Fid Q’s Spotify page here! > https://open.spotify.com/embed/artist/3C6NG0KFmmZlKkeg4DxDHK

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