Tanzania’s Hip Hop rep

Fid Q, one of Tanzania’s most widely known Hip Hop rappers hit the scene again last year in the middle of our global pandemic with

Celebrating Tanzania’s new Generation of Sound: The Lounge Tanzania releases its first mixtape

Celebrating Tanzania’s New Generation of Sound, The Lounge Tanzania Releases Its First Mixtape and It’s a Must Listen The Lounge Tanzania Mixtape Vol. 1: The

Political rap across Africa…Keeping the legacy of it alive

In Africa, it is very common for artists to rap about the political climate of their countries. They do this to try and bring awareness

The heroes of Bongo Flava, vol I

“Bongo Flava” is the phrase used to refer to hip-hop in Tanzania and in East Africa in general. It was derived from the Swahili word

Hip Hop vs. Bongo Fleva

Hip hop in Tanzania was always in Swahili, and the beats were usually original and pure. The artists rap about their lifestyle, which was more

30 days of Tanzanian hip hop: Day 16 Fid Q

30 days of Tanzanian hip hop: Day 16 – Fid Q in 2010. Fareed Kubanda. One of the most well known hip hop artists in