Celebrating Tanzania’s new Generation of Sound: The Lounge Tanzania releases its first mixtape

Celebrating Tanzania’s New Generation of Sound, The Lounge Tanzania Releases

Its First Mixtape and It’s a Must Listen

The Lounge Tanzania Mixtape Vol. 1: The Modern Voice of Bongo in 17 Tracks

“The Lounge Tanzania Mixtape is an amazing body of work. The level of talent and skills displayed on the Mixtape has surpassed most of the current major Bongo Flava industry releases. It really displays the richness of Tanzanian talent that’s yet to be seen or heard by most.”

KB Ksingo, Kwanza Unit

“From Dar es Salaam and beyond, The Lounge Tanzania Mixtape presents the absolute best of what we love about hip hop.”

Akua Naru, Hip Hop Artist

“Rarely will you find a mixtape that is focused more on the quality of the creativity and the messages therein, than the names of the cast. I have found such a compilation with The Lounge Tanzania Mixtape Vol. 1.”

Jamal C. Wright, Esq. Host, “The Jamal Show – The Place to Get Intelligent” Podcast.

Dar es Salaam — On June 27th, Fete Jen released The Lounge Tanzania Mixtape Volume 1 with an all Tanzanian cast of singers, rappers, and poets. The mixtape introduces to the world 17 new artists and speaks to culture as it takes you on a linguistic journey with English and Swahili – sometimes intertwined. Stylistically it’s important as it gives the mixtape a colloquial texture and tone. This allows the listener to get the true energy of the bustling city of Dar Es Salaam, affectionately known as Bongo.

The mixtape is a culmination of 6 years of groundbreaking work of The Lounge Tanzania, formerly known as Lyricist Lounge Tanzania, that is dubbed Dar Es Salaam’s best “open mic” show. It has also created an important platform to support diverse genres that weren’t getting mainstream attention but also breaking new acts that add up the tapestry of Dar Es Salaam’s music scene. The Lounge Tanzania is the only place where both local and international talent taps into their creative gifts to bring their best original content to the stage. Opening its doors for the first time in 2014 under the vision and guidance of Jennifer, a.k.a. Fete Jen, and friends such as Gaidi Faraj, Lufunyo Mvungi and Chedi Ngulu, The Lounge Tanzania is an independent, non-profit platform that has showcased hundreds of young talented artists from across Tanzania including well-known ones such as Fid Q, One The Incredible, and Grace Matata; the African continent such as Mad Ice (UG) and Maya the Poet (SA – now known as Sho Madjozi ); as well as special guests from the U.S. such as Toni Blackman and Akua Naru.

“It’s my sincere hope that wherever you are and however this mixtape lands into your playlist, that you’ll appreciate a taste of what Tanzania has to offer and your heart will be open to some of the fresh talent I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy first-hand.”

Fete Jen

The mixtape can currently be streamed on the following platforms:

The following featured artists on the Mixtape are ready and available for interviews, collaborations, and performances:

Mex CortezFrankie Maston
Joe LegendaryChi
LufuMike Tareto
Lo SayAloha SkiZenji Boy
Ty CharlzMteganda

For more info, promo requests and interviews with Fete Jen and/or any of the artists,

contact: fetejen@gmail.com * www.fetejen.com +27660509685 (South Africa) * +13019059589 (U.S.A.) * +255783341380 (Tanzania)

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