Political rap across Africa…Keeping the legacy of it alive

In Africa, it is very common for artists to rap about the political climate of their countries. They do this to try and bring awareness

How Falz uses pidgin English in “This is Nigeria” to highlight Socio-economic issues in Nigeria

In 2018 American rapper Childish Gambino took the world by storm with his hit song This is America. The premise of the song and the

WALE: The DC rapper that holds true to his Nigerian roots

Olubowale Victor Akintimehin also known by his stage name Wale was born September 24, 1984 in Washington D.C. to parents that are both from the

Eva Alordiah and the new hit Friend or Foe…what its all about

Eva Alordiah can do it all spanning from rapping, make up, and being an entrepreneur. Her highest title and rightfully so, is being labeled as

M.I ABAGA: Another Thing! Don’t Be A Groupie

How he discusses political messages in Hip Hop Music Rapping about the social and political movement is something that is very common in Africa. Nigerian


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