Eva Alordiah and the new hit Friend or Foe…what its all about

Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah can do it all spanning from rapping, make up, and being an entrepreneur. Her highest title and rightfully so, is being labeled as one of the best female rappers in Nigeria.

Eva’s new song is nothing short of amazing. She spits real raw feelings and it will definitely grasp your attention. It is common for women in the hip hop game to be criticized for bragging in their songs. I find that to be ridiculous. If you got it why wouldn’t you brag about it? In the hip hop industry there is a double standard for what can be said in songs and how its interpreted. there are certain gendered social structures in the hip hop industry but even with that Eva still manages to be her own person and rap about what she wants to.

In the song she talks about how its hard to know whether the people in your life are friends or foes. When she started to get big and get money suddenly people wanted to speak about what they thought was best for her but she totally disregards it and says she doesn’t need anyone else’s advice but her own.

She also speaks on loyalty. Famous or not, its not hard to notice when people are genuinely rooting for you and are in your corner or if they’re not. Eva raps about this and explains its one of the easiest things to pick up on. This is said a lot but actions speak louder than words and one of the lines in the song is, “Are you a friend or you a foe? Don’t tell me just show”.

The music video itself has only women. They are all in one room for the entirety of the video. I take this as representing her small close friend group. I think the dynamic of the video is interesting because for most of it the shots are directly on Eva but it also frequently pans to one of her friends. I think this could represent the not knowing of who you can really trust even in your closest circle.

Overall, Eva didn’t disappoint with this track. She comes in hard to the beat and all of the lines she’s rapping hold truth and speak power. Her highlighting only women in the video also shows that women are strong and men aren’t needed to dominate or make a track better in music.

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