Love’s many representations

This mixtape collection is going to talk all about love. Hip Hop approaches love in very different ways but nonetheless it comes across in powerful

Shaybo represents

This week we’re highlighting the Nigerian-born UK based rapper, Shaybo. Unlike some female rappers today who take a more nuanced approach to their style Shaybo

Highlighting Tanzania’s female lyricist

Though there isn’t much on the internet to go off of for Chemical Flo, a.k.a. Claudia Lubao, her energy and spirit come through very clearly

Young Lunya’s rise

This week on our Hip Hop artist list is Young Lunya from Tanzania. Featured on many other artists’ songs such as, Rapcha and Country Wizzy,

Tanzania’s Hip Hop rep

Fid Q, one of Tanzania’s most widely known Hip Hop rappers hit the scene again last year in the middle of our global pandemic with