We could have saved Modenine …

Born Babatunde Olusegun Adewale, Modenine is an English-born Nigerian rapper. He is the most decorated lyricist by the prestigious Nigerian entertainment channel awards show- HipTV

Braggadocio ft. Rosa Ree

Rosa Ree, coined from Rosary Robert, is a Tanzanian native and one of the fastest rising female hip-hop artists in Africa’s hip-hop scene. Her music

Inachukua wawili

Still on the topic of the legendary Tanzanian hip-hop artists that have ensured that the religion of hip-hop did not get mixed up with the

Excuse me Prof, Je, unaweza kunifundisha jinsi ya kurap kwa Kiswahili?

I have not ventured far into the history of hip-hop in African countries; but I am disappointed in myself for not understanding the dichotomy that

The heroes of Bongo Flava, vol I

“Bongo Flava” is the phrase used to refer to hip-hop in Tanzania and in East Africa in general. It was derived from the Swahili word