Nyota Parker: Redefining “Up and Coming”

Transcend by Nyota Parker (Official Music Video)

Nyota Parker is a 20-year-old hip hop rapper, singer, composer and artist transcend-ing the South African hip hop scene. Parker’s upbringing in Dublin and Capetown and unique Colognese and Irish heritage is evident in her incorporation of jazz, trap, and soul influences into her individualized hip hop style. Parker frequently references her blend of jazz and trap music as “trazz”. In addition to this, Parker keeps her family-ties close as her mother is her manager too. This unprecedented mixing of music genres and personal experience inspires Parker to disown typical musical and societal standards. She frequently raps and sings about nonconformity and hopes to inspire others to be their authentic selves. Specifically, Parker refrains from swearing in her songs in order to reject the unfair expectations of female hip hop rappers. Furthermore, Parker draws from her musical hero, Nicki Minaj, and admires her conquest of the male-dominated industry – something Nyota Parker will experience in her future given her incredible talents.

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Cover of Nyota Parker’s Energy Album

Parker’s musical journey began at the young age of 11, where she began writing her own songs. Her first mixtape, Age of Enlightenment was released in May of 2017. Following her debut, Parker released an EP called Energy in 2019. With hopes of climbing the ranks, Parker embarked on a U.S.based tour succeeding the release of Energy. Before Parker became sealed in the South African hip hop scene, she wanted to make a name for herself in the U.S. The Energy Tour was very successful, and will definitely not be the last we see of Nyota Parker here in the States.

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Cover of Transcend, by Nyota Parker

In March of 2020, Nyota Parker released her new single, Transcend, which has redefined the significance of hip hop to Parker and her audience. Transcend motivates audiences to continue fighting against oppressive systems and obstacles, with lines such as “Don’t bring your standards here”. The single recognizes the gender oppression in the hip hop relm, while relishing the accomplishments of female rappers and Parker herself. The timing of Transcend  is monumental. Parker’s empowering messages resonate with her fans battling the COVID-19 pandemic and her American audience mobilizing for social justice. Age of Enlightenment, Energy, and Transcend are only the beginning for Nyota Parker. With her individualized, nonconformity style, there is doubt Nyota Parker has redefined the influence and meaning of an “Up-and-Coming” artist.

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Nytota Parker’s music is available on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Amazon Music .

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