Nyota Parker: transcending Nonconformity

Released in March 2020, Transcend is Nyota Parker’s new single battling conformity in South African society. 20-year-old South African hip hop artist, Nyota Parker frequently

Nyota Parker: Redefining “Up and Coming”

Nyota Parker is a 20-year-old hip hop rapper, singer, composer and artist transcend-ing the South African hip hop scene. Parker’s upbringing in Dublin and Capetown

Mixtape Project: South African Female MCs Addressing Gender Based Issues and Empowering Women.

Female MCs in Africa have long faced barriers in trying to enter a male-dominated industry that doesn’t take them seriously or believe that can create

Wakazi: The King of Bilingual Rap

Wakazi, the self-proclaimed “Billingual Beast,” is well known for his signature sound that includes a fusion of English and Swahili rhymes. Wakazi was born in

French Montana: Be Proud of Your Roots

In 2018, Moroccan-American rapper French Montana released his video for the song FAMOUS where he showcases his African heritage by displaying the beauty of Morocco.

Ulimi: A weapon for social change in Kenya.

This song Ulimi, by Flamez and Sue timon is a song that I perceive to be a song that advocates for social change in Kenya.

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