The Smallest Rapper Made the Biggest Impact

Breaking News! The identity of “The Smallest Rapper” has been revealed to be Kampala’s very own Feffe Bussi. This producer and songwriter began his musical career in 2013 but 2018 was truly his year to shine. You may have known him as the latest recipient of the 2019 UG Hip Hop Award for Best Male Rapper and 2018 MTN Hip Hop Award for Male Rapper of the Year. The song that will probably define his career for a while is called “Who Is Who”. In the 2018 video, Feffe Bussi dons himself in regal wear surrounded by even more displays of opulence. He wears a crown over his twisted locs and has his body adorned in extravagant jewelry including multiple chains and a nice watch. He wears a ski mask during one scene to match his forceful words. Feffe Bussi makes it a priority to showcase his identity by wearing a cultural top and mixing English with a local language. A standout lyric is when Feffe Bussi tells his competition to, “Reply at their own risk.”

The song was on the list of Tower Post Entertainment’s top 20 Uganda songs of 2018. Feffe Bussi made the brave choice to diss his competitors over Nas’ controversial Hate Me Now beat. “Who is Who” came with its own version of controversy because Feffe Bussi crowned himself the king of Lugaflow, a term used to describe rapping in one of Uganda’s major languages, Luganda or as it’s also known, Ganda. He also called out fellow artists such as Victor Kamenyo, Fik Fameica and Gravity Omutujju over their representation in hip-hop. Such a hard-hitting track became the catalyst for many Ugandan rappers to respond to in an eager manner. These artists included Gravity Omutujju, Da Agent and Jim Nola MC. Despite the overwhelming response, Feffe Bussi claims that he was simply trying to restore the passion back into his peers. The artist once said, “My humble intention was simply to bring back hip hop…in Uganda and spark the brains of these rappers”.

You can keep up with his work at Feffe Bussi Music on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

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