Numbers Don’t Lie – Navio

Daniel Lubwama Kigozi is best known under his stage name, Navio. He is the son of Renaissance woman Margaret Kigozi who is a well-respected doctor, sports champion, professor and much more. Navio had beginnings as a battle rapper and member of the KlearKut team with fellow artists Papito, Abba Lang, JB and The mith. They’re well known for promoting the term “Ugaflow” to describe Ugandan hip hop music. Navio’s star power continued to grow as he emerged as a solo act. He’s been nominated for multiple awards and has won the album of the year HiPipo Music Award for his 2017 project, “The Chosen”. He’s known for his hits such as Njogereze, Ngalo, Otyo, Mbamalawo, Bugumu, One & Only, On and On and others. One of his upcoming alleged collaborations is with American hip-hop act Jaden Smith. As the the CEO of NavCorp and Icon Studios, Navio also doubles as a devoted family man by being a father to three children with his wife, Mathilda.

One of his most recent releases includes “Numbers”. Numbers is a track that reflects current American hip-hop sounds with braggadocious lyrics and hype adlibs over a typical trap beat. Navio adds his personal flavor by alternating between rapping in English and harmonizing in another language. The song reflects your average artist’s goals of attaining numbers as it pertains to money, fame and the like. The simplistic video is shot in black and white with Navio donned in an all-black outfit accessorizing with black shades and a scarf to cover his hair. He dances in a car junkyard with Ugandan youth sprinkled throughout the background of the video. He emphasizes his self-proclaimed status as “The Most Renowned and Award Winning Hip Hop Artiste in Eastern Africa” by stating, “I do this for the numbers/I do this every summer/I can make hits in pajamas”. This is his last single before his album, “Strength in Numbers” hits the scene.

You can stay updated with his movements at: @naviomusic

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