Gender and Sexuality Women in Hip Hop

Since the day we watched the video Skwod in class, I fell in love with female MC Nadia Rose’s her style. I love the chill girl power vibes that the video exemplified as she walked down the street. I love that the song is about women and girls linking up and diversity amongst black women. I love her swag and the outfits the girls wore kind of tomboy chic. Being from the UK her accent definitely plays on her unique flow. She truly reminds me of Missy Elliott back in the day from her lyricism, to her style, to her video. The song is written in English and the rapper does not switch languages.

The second female MC that i chose was South African recording artist Fifi Cooper. I decided to use the song Kisses Feat. AB Crazy. This song is a great contrast to Nadia Rose’s Skwod because this song is about love and relationships. When she raps, it almost sound like she’s speaking another language if you don’t listen close enough. Her accent similar to Nadia Rose’s gives the songs that extra umph that catches your attention, well at least mine as an American listener. Due to the fact that South African artists tend to use similar trends to that of American artists it is easy to identify that, the video has a very typical girl meets boy boy falls in love kind of theme; movie dates, staying up late on the phone, in the club together with a lot of affection. This song has a very pop vibe similar to like a Nicki Minaj, she can sing as well as rap. I’m getting vibes like Nicki Minaj Your Love or Moment 4 Life. You can check out the video with the link. Fifi Cooper Kisses Feat. AB Crazy



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