You Bad Huh?

  A femcee is a female rapper. She is no different than anyone else, except she is a woman brave enough to step up to

Nadia Rose and Gigi Lamayne

For today’s blog post I analyzed “DFWT” by Nadia Rose and Gigi Lamayne’s freestyle. Both artist had, what I believe, non conventional videos. In both

Nadia Rose vs Khia

Women have been seen as second class citizens since the beginning of time, being marginalized socially, politically and most of all sexually. Patriarchal society has

Not Your “Average” Females

I recall watching a Dope Saint Jude video earlier in the course. She was raw and so eclectic, so when I saw her name on

Poppin females in the Rap game

Females in the rap game all over the world inst as popular and females in the hip-hop scene around the world arent as respected as

Gender and Sexuality Women in Hip Hop

Since the day we watched the video Skwod in class, I fell in love with female MC Nadia Rose’s her style. I love the chill