K’Naan – Somalia

KNAAN is an artist who came to the United States as a refugee at the young age of 14. His

SOUL Before Soul

I chose the song ShabZi Madallion – Soul Before SOUL for the extra credit blog because , I have never heard of

Gender and Sexuality Women in Hip Hop

Since the day we watched the video Skwod in class, I fell in love with female MC Nadia Rose’s her

Hip Hop: South Africa vs America

Hip Hop in America began in the Bronx as an organic art form that developed out of expression of one’s

Hip Hop for Social Change

Both Ghanaian and Senegalese forms of hip hop are used in order to present a message whether social or political

South African Hip Hop vs Pop Music

South African Hip Hop and Pop has a very blurred line as far as differences. For my south African pop