SOUL Before Soul

music-photo01.jpgI chose the song ShabZi Madallion – Soul Before SOUL for the extra credit blog because , I have never heard of this artist and thought about how I like to hear different sounds of new artists. ShabZi Madallion is from Johannesburg, South Africa. This artist can be categorized a conscious voice, as he writes about real life experiences. According to his website,  “He is passionate about authentic storytelling and prides himself in having a delivery style with a global appeal.”  The artist has a worldwide fan base that he inspires and encourages to reflect and question  their reality. This song and video begins with a very apparent transition from hard-core rap that the young person is listening to on their phones, to a melodic r & b feel as we enter a day in their life. The video depicts a young teenager and the troubled relationship they have with their father. I love the underline message of positivity and uplifting as he is telling the listeners not to worry about a thing because it’ll be alright. The artist begins “My days are getting proper, probably because I pray in the morning I made a promise to my mother and dad its family first got it. ” I love the lyricism as he makes a direct reference to his prayers changing his life. He says he’s made a promise to his parents because he knew the struggles. He describes the beginning of his rap career and how his dreams were misunderstood. He talks about how it change him and therapy allowed him to see the issues and the bad people in his life. Then he says he has evolved and is making amends “Peace over Beef is the realist thing I ever wrote.” I have to agree 100% that this song and its message is very refreshing its real expanded to a whole other level. Most rap artist will rap about the negativity drugs, fast money, killing that surrounds them, but ShabZi Madallion keeps it real that times are not always easy, especially growing up, things do not always work in your favor, but at the end of the day the choices you make determine your destiny. Your family the time you have in the present is all that matters. I believe that the title of the song is fitting that your soul and what you have within is more important that fitting in to the soul or pop culture of the times. I really enjoyed this song and message and would listen to more if the artist’s music.

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