Poppin females in the Rap game

Females in the rap game all over the world inst as popular and females in the hip-hop scene around the world arent as respected as those in the United States are. So for a Female Artist from  Africa to have her name and music out there in the world of Hip-Hop, they have to be fye. Nadia rose and Eyirap are two examples of those fye female rappers.Nadia rose is popular for her catchy beats and lyrics in her songs like D.F.W.T and Station but the song that caught my ear was her hit single Skwod. The song’s beat is very complex and so is the way Nadia changes her flow up. Based of the songs tittle you pretty much can assume what the song would be about. the lyrics was taling about her group of friends she hangs with or her Squad or “skwod” the hook of the song is  “I’m rollin’ ten girl up in that skwod, That’s what? That skwod”.Nadia rose is for sure a talented female MC, so is EyiRap. EyiRap song Rap and Me is one of those songs you listen to that you cannot stop bobbing your head too. the lyrics of Rap and me basically form the central idea that EyiRap is the best rapper and possible the best thing walking on earth since sliced bread. EyiRap and Nadia rose both share similar type of beats in their songs but the videos are very different. Nadia rose video would be thought of as a common feminine video or song but EyiRap music video was darker looking and had characteristics of a stereotypical music video from a male artist.


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