Bongo HipHop

 Tanzania hip hop artist use their languages in different ways, both local languages and American pop culture slang. Artists like Fid Q flow from Swahili

Tanzania’s Hottest

Ever since Rosa Ree hip the hip-hop scene she was a force to be reckoned with. Rosa Ree  was born Rosary Robert, she had a

Poppin females in the Rap game

Females in the rap game all over the world inst as popular and females in the hip-hop scene around the world arent as respected as

Rebel Music

Rebel Music is described as music used by the youth activist  in Senegal to express their feeling and views on society, mostly politically. The beginning

Emtee & Mavins

The first African-hip Hop song that I every listened to on my own was by an South African Superstar called Emtee, the song was “We