Rebel Music

Rebel Music is described as music used by the youth activist  in Senegal to express their feeling and views on society, mostly politically. The beginning of “Rebel Music” was in the late 1980s when their economy collapsed and when the government invalidated the 1988 school year, due to the youths’ protest of the government officials tasked with making sure stuff like this doesn’t happen. After all of this the youth found their voice though Hip-Hop. From there on Rebel Music would grow more then those students in the late 1980s ever expected.After listening to a couple of “Rebel Music” songs and watching the music videos one in particular stood out the most to me,”Nothing to prove” by Keur Gui. Keur Gui is a hip hop group that was formed in 1996 in the middle of a student strike in Senegal. Most of the song was in their native Language but the chorus was in english but the video did have subtitles. The video started off with footage of a Keur Gui concert then when the rappers were actually rapping the camera would be a close up on the artist, but though out the music video they would go back and forward to the concert and the artist. The style of the video was very familiar to me, or pretty much anyone else who’s seen a Hip Hop music video in the past ten years. I like the way they incorporated both a concert vibe and a in your face personal type vibe  in one video. The concert scenes  showed the large fan base and all the love their fans have for them. In both scenes you could see the passion in the artist whether it was in the concert scene, when the crowd is going crazy and they’re moving around with high energy on the stage or in the close ups when they seemed to be very close to the camera talking with their hands. I think that the overall message of the sing was that their gout has been there for the people, they been was trying to change things in there country and they have nothing to prove about there loyalty to them.Because of musical groups like Keur Gui the peoples’ voices have been heard and of changes have been made for the bettering of the country.


Keur Gui “Nothing to Prove’

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