Emtee & Mavins

The first African-hip Hop song that I every listened to on my own was by an South African Superstar called Emtee, the song was “We Up”. My first impession  of this song was the liking of the similarities the song had to  American Hip hop song , except for the parts where he speaks in another language. The Lyrics even resemble American hip hop. The lyrics showed his audience how  people would doubt him, and in fact in the music video there was scenes when he  was trying to pass out his music but no one wanted it , so basically the song is about him rising to stardum even though nobody  really gave him a chance. In all Honesty I really was attracted to this song because of the chill vibes I got from Emtee , i will defintly listen to more of his music. After I Listened to “We up ” I listened to a pop song with a bunch of featured artist called Dorobucci by Mavins. First of seeing all the features had me excited because most of the time the more features a song has the more I like it…and I was right. I could understand the lyrics at different spots though out the song. I originally thought  that Dorobucci was some type of group because one artist finish her verse by saying “Dorobucci where the best crew “. Sine i was uncertain to the true meaning  I researched the song to find the exact meaning and I found out that the  song’s meaning was “anything that is fun, cool, awesome, or fantastic”. This Song does have more of the African feel to it then the other song, with the stong sound of hand drums, but i still enjoyed it. The style that was shown of in the video is pretty much the same of any other huge pop song, people having fun.

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