Tanzania’s Hottest

Ever since Rosa Ree hip the hip-hop scene she was a force to be reckoned with. Rosa Ree  was born Rosary Robert, she had a passion for music at a very young age and with the support of her family she was able to focus on music. Rosa ree use her rapping talent to express clear emotions or her experiences throughout her life, and rap is her communication medium to the world. The East African hip hop scene, similar to any other African hip hop scene, often undermines women MCs, who can be considered not strong enough to be in the rap game. It’s good that Rosa Ree’s music is not only proving them wrong in Tanzania, but across Africa.

My favorite song and video combination by Rosa Ree By so far is “Dow”. The lyrics of the song strongly resemble the lyrics of a modern day American Hip-Hop song. It has a smooth but complex beat and a catchy chorus that’s easy to remember. The imagery of the video is typical American hip hop video, Rosa in different scenes was dressed head to toe in designer clothes. That’s what i think sticks out most to people when they watch a hip hop videos now and days. Rosa ree isn’t displaying a stereotypical African woman. In a scene in the video for “Dow” she is smoking a cigar and has a bottle of alcohol in her hand that she is drinking. That behavior is considered taboo, so Rosa Ree is destructing social taboos in the video.

In conclusion, Rosa Ree’s imagery and lyrics throughout her work display her amazing talent and knack for success. Her hit song “Dow”‘s music video and lyrics go against the grain and the stereotype for women to show that she belongs and here to stay.

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