Women in African Rap: Nadia Nakai

Since they came into the African Rap scene, women have been dominating the music industry. This deeply includes South African rap artist, Nadia Nakai. Coming into the music scene mid 2016, the rapper is a woman who has deeply influenced women through her music since she started. Her music discusses the life of a women running her own life, living apologetically, as well as the confidence that comes when you bring yourself up in your career. We see this particularly through the release of her newest song and video, “Lately”.

In the song, Nakai discusses how despite the fact that she’s going through something, she’s still having a good time and pushing through her own life. She discusses how she doesn’t have to go on a vacation, right now,  because she’s working hard, influencing others to do the same. The video shows her, with singer, Astryd Brown, playing around in different scenes, such as the desert, in a yatch, and other fun and elite scenes in Africa. She raps,

“Really lately I been on some shit
Bitches over there they can’t relate
Lately I’ve been super medicated
Lately everything’s been on rotation
Lately I don’t even check the price
Check your man I think he ’bout to slide
Lately I ain’t taking no vacations
Lately even niggas on some fake shit”

Here, the rapper is explaining how even though she’s been going through some stuff, she’s focused on her money and her career. Her come up has caused for some people, even men, to turn against her. Despite this, she pushes through and her hard work is paying off, which is why she doesn’t have to “check the price”. Her wealth is flourishing, and she’s allowed to buy what she wants without hesitation. This them of focusing on your money is common in female rappers, not just in Africa, but around the world. We see how women are pushed to focus less on love and more on themselves. While this is mostly likely American influence in African rap music, the affect is still the same. It is important for women to understand that love does not always have to come first. Nadia Nikai is doing a great job with her platform! 

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