They don’t mean to brag…Actually they do

For my mixtape, the theme was South African braggadocio rap. The reason for this is because I felt like it would be a good closer

Love is in the air for these SOUTH AFRICAN female ARTISTS

By Malaysia Robinson Love is in the air for the new upcoming South African female rappers. While the gender stereotypes are now beginning to vanish,

South African Women – mixtape

Mixtape Boity – Own your Throne – South Africa Nadia Nakai – Amai – South Africa Gigi LaMayne – Fees Will Fall South African Female

I like it like this.

Women in hip hop. The concept isn’t a new one in this day and age but the industry’s acceptance has been slow, demonstrating that this

Podcast: Shining the light on African Female MC’s

Partner: Devyn Bakewell Purpose: The purpose of this podcast is to discuss the importance that women have played within the Hip Hop community in Africa.

Women in African Rap: Nadia Nakai

Since they came into the African Rap scene, women have been dominating the music industry. This deeply includes South African rap artist, Nadia Nakai. Coming

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