Podcast: Shining the light on African Female MC’s

Partner: Devyn Bakewell Purpose: The purpose of this podcast is to discuss the importance that women have played within the Hip Hop community in Africa.

Olamide “The Olympian of Nigeria rap”

Olamide is a well known hip hop rap artist in Nigeria. He is referred to as Badoo, his real name is Olamide Adedeji. He is

“Taffy” 18 year old female rapper!

Farah Maged aka Taffy is an 18-year-old Egyptian rapper on a self determined path to alter the rap game in the Egyptian world, and become

First Female Rapper In Egypt

Mayam Mahmoud Mahmoud first began rapping at the age of 10, after her mother had introduced her to poetry. Her family was uncertain whether rapping

How he became “F Killa”

  5 Underrated Egyptian Rappers Who Deserve More Recognition Al Moukatel known as Flow Killa/F Killa grew up in the streets of Shoubra, Egypt. His