“Taffy” 18 year old female rapper!

Taffy 🍓

Farah Maged aka Taffy is an 18-year-old Egyptian rapper on a self determined path to alter the rap game in the Egyptian world, and become the next version of her idol and icon Nicki Minaj. Taffy is the daughter of Maged Sorour, he was the most renowned qanun player in the Middle East.Taffy has taken music in a slightly different direction than her father. She recently released a lush and catchy song called “Stressin’ ft. CaiRoll which is doing really good in her country. Taffy is a talented singer and charming freestyler, her Instagram displays many videos of her rapping about how much of a queen she is. That was one of the things I admired about her I love how she knows her self worth and she know’s that she is a Queen. She has an accent that sounds like she’s straight from the New York, Queens, but don’t let Taffy’s New York accent fool you she hails from Maadi, Egypt. Between the support of her superstar musician father and being on a first (artist) name basis with Nicki, Taffy may just be on her way to the top. I love how she has that fire and determination about her and she keeps this momentum going sis will be on her way to the top for sure, she is young and has talent and has great connections in her corner. A critique I had for Taffy was to lean on her father more for music advice, she say’s she looks up to Nicki Minaj theres no problem with that but her father is a musician legend in Egypt and I really feel like he can help Taffy, vocally and lyrically. Another critique I had for Taffy is that I feel like her accent is being forced she wasn’t raised or born in New York so why are you faking the accent? By all means though I want to see this young artist win!

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