Love is in the air for these SOUTH AFRICAN female ARTISTS

By Malaysia Robinson

Love is in the air for the new upcoming South African female rappers. While the gender stereotypes are now beginning to vanish, females are now seen to be strong, powerful, and independent. However, that does not take away the fact that women have an inner desire to find love and find that true somebody to spend the rest of their lives with. This playlist consists of South African female rappers that utilizes their lyrics, their videos, and their movements to create a vibrant, yet sexy vibe that aids in grasping the attention of men, as well as give other females who want the same thing a catchy and beautiful song that is relatable to their inner desires.

Gigi Lamayne: Koze Kube Nini

Nadia Nakai: Love

Love is defined as having extreme and dramatic feelings of attachment and affection for another person no matter their flaws. However, while love is such a strong feeling, we often get hurt by the ones we love the most. Female rappers often utilize their music as a venting place to expose their true feelings regarding their love life. For instance, in Gigi Lamayne’s, “Koze Kube Nini”, the beautiful and talented rapper stated that “love is a pain, love ain’t a game” and she also discusses she “doesn’t know why I keep crawling back”. Love is both beautiful and hard. As a female in this generation, we are expected to be strong and stay strong, and to uphold the idea that we fought for our independence so we should not depend on a man. However, that does not dismiss the fact that everyone wants to be loved, and everyone deserves love no matter how strong and independent you are. Nadia Nakai exposes a similar theme of love in her song “Love”. In her song, she utilized the lyrics “no matter what you say, you’re always the go to”, and then proceeds to talk about, “the real me, not the one you see on your tv”. She utilizes this shift in her lyrics to expose to the audience the fact that even though she is beautiful and sexy and independent on the outside, she craves for that level on intimacy that a partner gives.

FifiCooper: Emoyeni & Calling

Moozlie: Be Somebody

Artists showcasing and exposing their feelings on love is not just essential in lyrics, but it is also evident within their videos. For instance, within FifiCoopers, “Emoyeni & Calling”, she utilizes a sexy man in her video as they are playing like this in-love couple living in this big house who genially seem happy and in love with each other. However, within the video, and song, there was a huge shift when she showed a picture of her and her love interest to her friend, and her friend stated that “he is definitely seeing someone else”. This goes to show that although it is a great feeling to be in love, that feeling could change in a heartbeat as it is easiest to hurt the ones who love you most. When it comes to music videos, it is interesting to pay attention to the setting, and clothing of the artists. In this video, FifiCooper is wearing something plain and simple, but sexy at the same time with her hair being this curly fro which gives her a natural innocent look. The talented artist Moozlie had a similar approach in her video, “Be Somebody” as she had her hair pulled back in a ponytail with a light and simple makeup glam. The artists utilized this approach to reflect the idea of love; love is supposed to be simple, and natural and they utilized their hair, makeup, and clothing to support that idea.

Rouge: One By One

When it comes to love songs, most artists utilize a mellow and low tone to show that they are sad which usually signifies a breakup. This theory is also true the other way around. When an artist is happy and content with love, they can utilize a more upbeat tone. For example, in Rouge’s, “One by One”, the artists utilized an upbeat rhythm that allows the audience to forget about the bad, and sad parts that comes with love, and allows them to really focus on the happy times and moments. In the video, the artist Is happy and dancing to showcase that although love is hard, it is still beautiful in the end.

Overall, all these beautiful females are strong and independent, and it shows through the music, and their personalities, however, everyone deserves and craves love, and they utilize their lyrics, and videos in these songs to show to the world that it is normal to be heartbroken, and love is not always easy, but it is worth it in the end regardless of if it is with your partner now or in the future.

A link to the playlist that includes the songs above: South African Queen Rappers – YouTube

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