Witness feat. Fid Q x Zero

The song is in Swahili. I roughly study a beginner/intermediate level of Swahili language, but surprisingly Fid Q and Witness transform what I’m hearing into something that I can understand. The beginning background voice that is twisted between boat quartet sounding men and a singing bird sounding opera dove lady has good musical chemistry transfused with Witness and Fid Q’s aggressive hip hop intro chants. The same boat men and bird lady sound like they’re chanting different statements in broken Swahili-English (Swanglish). The men appear to be chanting “Wanta, wanta, pearrlon.”  When the women vocals began to accompany the continuing men vocals, they appear to say “What-a, what does he want?” The two culminated together serve as a  triumphant choral backdrop for the record.

“They want to compete, and I say….” and “again and again, again and again” are the translated, messages that the Ghanaian and Tanzanian lyricists presentingly repeat in a heavy Swahili accent. The statements are followed by a glitched and echoed cave African interjected man voice, that says: “Ladies and Gentlemen!…” I could not comprehend the rest of his voice, but it basically sounds like he was an announcer making a grand introduction for Witness and Fid Q. These small chants and call-responses are a good touch for the beginning because it means these artist are important enough to need someone to introduce them. Kind of like boxers when announced for the main event in an enormous arena, preparing  for a fight. These artist are about to deliver an announcing worthy battle with music.

These frontline audio images make the song attractive for any listener and any audience.  

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