GiGi LaMayne x Genesis: The Beginning of The Iron Lady

Thirty seconds into Genesis: The Beginning of The Iron Lady I became unamused, because her rap vocals sound basic had a boring flow. It is

K’Naan x Fatima Critique

Aside from the lyrics, K’Naan’s vocals over the tropical and triumphantly melodious sound present a passionate mood that attracts many types of listeners. The song

Witness feat. Fid Q x Zero

The song is in Swahili. I roughly study a beginner/intermediate level of Swahili language, but surprisingly Fid Q and Witness transform what I’m hearing into

Trigmatic x My Life

I appreciate the injection of Trigmatic’s personal struggles in the song My Life. By including topics like his faith in God and his relationship between

Ben Sharpa x Hegemony

The weird glitch sounding snippet in the introduction of the song is a great way to set the song’s dark and bionic mood. That strange