Trigmatic x My Life

I appreciate the injection of Trigmatic’s personal struggles in the song My Life. By including topics like his faith in God and his relationship between his wife, the song relates to many listeners with similar experiences. My Life’s mood and overall direction of the song resembles I Tried by Bone Thugs N Harmony. Both songs are anthems of everyday struggles dealing with the many trials of life. The songs focus on the effort that is persistently given to combat these struggles, only to be met with confusion and failure.  


The lyrics are vocalized over a very tropical and melodious sound that is very easy to listen to, because of its electrical flute sounding collection of instruments. Not to mention the ongoing background piano serves as a very relaxing therapy for the ears. Many Americans do not often hear the autotune manipulated to the point where the singers voice sounds fluttered. I think that is an excellent addition to the melodious anthem as well.


Trigmatic really displays his culture diversity by singing the song in two languages. The switch between the two languages are sure to send listeners into a eargasmic frenzy. This tool enhances the listener’s perspective, because they understand that Trigmatic is very much cultured under two different establishments. This switch also provides proof that people from all over can share the same problems and similar grievances.
I suggest that Trigmatic work on the complexity of his rhymes and flows. They seem slightly simple. That may be appropriate; that may be his style, and if so, that is understandable. However, I would not want listeners to deppreciate the full potential influence of his passionate messages by deeming him a simple lyricist.

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