Ben Sharpa x Hegemony

The weird glitch sounding snippet in the introduction of the song is a great way to set the song’s dark and bionic mood. That strange musical sound works well with the sporadic background chimes. The song carries a really powerful, gut-busting,  and face-melting bassline; this heavy bassline works well with the subject of the content and perfectly supports his forceful voice tone. The track sounds similar to a mysterious outer space trans or signal that has been manipulated. As stated, this serves as a great aid for the overall mood of the track and tone of the rap.


I might suggest the use of a siren sound somewhere in the music. Ben Sharpa, states that the police siren is used to make people nervous. If he is strong behind that statement, he should have put a siren in the song to add wittiness. The song is directed towards the injustices of cops, thus the song should use a siren to make police listeners “nervous.”  It also adds value to the song’s message; a siren sounding can be symbolic of a police threat.


The lyrical content is quite amazing. The call-and-response method mixed with the “Five W’s” is genius. To say the least, his descriptions of the injustices of law enforcement in Africa, from the struggles in his hometown, Cape Town, to the mistreatments of Steve Biko, are perfectly portrayed in the song. One is given the opportunity to learn history and current African news from Ben Sharpa’s lyrics.
The only lyrical suggestion I have is:  alter delivery of rhymes. Some lyrics do not fit in the pocket of the flow the best. I would challenge Ben Sharpa, to further milk his flow to produce mind-boggling delivery, which shall in turn complement the lyrical content.

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