GiGi LaMayne x Genesis: The Beginning of The Iron Lady

Thirty seconds into Genesis: The Beginning of The Iron Lady I became unamused, because her rap vocals sound basic had a boring flow. It is crucial to draw listeners of the audience into the music from the first note to the last bar. In some way, shape, form, of fashion, the introductory bars of the song should be captivating. In this case, it seems that GiGi Lamayne is spitting some highly acclaimed lyrics supporting Women’s rights. Though very motivational, notorious topics like women’s rights have to contain the same level of popular merit as other songs on the radio. The lyrics and her rapping tone sound lame because she is representing a cause that is not usually talked about in hip hop. I would encourage her to study and develop her sound a little more. Revolutionary rappers must be just as hot as the #1 hits.
I will admit that the song is probably not as popping because it is a freestyle. Ultimately, the song has to be looked at in a different light. Freestyle raps are meant to exercise one’s creative ability with flow, rhythm, and content. The freestyle form of rap is meant to be just that, a free space to showcase your specific style. GiGi did not do that bad of a job, considering it was a freestyle. Her bars were in the pocket with timing, and she rapped with a lot of confidence and attitude. I am positive that she can hold her own in any real cypher with many well-accredited rappers.

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