To be the MC that’d walk 1000km…

To rap in one language is impressive, two rap in two is incredible—but to rap in two languages at the same time in the same verse? Well that’s just called Kast, and as someone who can’t even rap in their native language, there seems no end to the impressive escapades of the Botswanan rapper.

Kast belongs to a hip-hop sub-genre known as Motswako, in which it is commonplace for an artist to switch from English to Setswana, the language spoken by the majority of Botswanans. But Kast not only possesses the skills to flow in two languages, he also possesses the knowledge of how to make the most of each language within his verses. He recognizes that it’s possible to use the differing rhythmic aspects of English and Setswana to create a captivating lyrical flow. He does so by switching between the two languages within the same verse, which gives his tracks a uniquely Botswanan character thats capable of drawing both local audiences and listeners abroad as well.

Kast’s prominence as a lyrical mastermind in the Motswako genre has allowed him to build on his success not only as a respected artist, but as a walking symbol of his music. And that’s not an exaggeration either—he is literally a walking symbol of his music.

In March of last year Kast took to streets, (and the roads, highways, trails, etc.) to show that he’s committed to his country and his genre. How? By walking 1000 kilometers by foot, of course. His intent was to fund a Motswako festival for his nation… and he actually made it happen. And if that’s not impressive enough for you, Kast is riding the momentum from his festival-getting walk and has just began on another one—this time for double the distance.

So if rapping in two languages, walking thousands of kilometers, and supporting musical festivals doesn’t convince you that Kast isn’t your average MC… then maybe you should give it a try sometime!

And just in case you don’t believe me, here’s some proof:

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