Botswana’s “Queen of Rap” Gone too Soon

Earlier this month, 27-year-old artist Sarona “Sasa Klaas” Motlhagodi passed away in a helicopter crash. A musician, actress, and media personality, Sasa Klaas built a

Skababawara – Don’t Worry About it

GOVERNMENT HAS ALWAYS MADE BOTSWANA FEEL LIKE THEY ARE NOTHING Atlasaone “ATI” Molemogi On 18 June 2020, ATI released his final album, Skababawara, featuring fellow

Ozi F Teddy, the Controversial Contributor

“Beef is part of hip hop but local controversial rapper, Ozi F Teddy has taken it to another level.” This is a quote from the

Touch the Sky like Zeus

One of the biggest names of the hip hop scene in Botswana is Zeus. His debut album released in 2008 and was largely a success,

The Queen Takes Her Throne

Sasa Klaas released her first official single in the winter of 2013 and quickly gained in popularity both in Botswana and internationally. Now she sit’s

To be the MC that’d walk 1000km…

To rap in one language is impressive, two rap in two is incredible—but to rap in two languages at the same time in the same

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