Skababawara – Don’t Worry About it


Atlasaone “ATI” Molemogi

On 18 June 2020, ATI released his final album, Skababawara, featuring fellow Botswanan rapper Veevo View. Behind the catchy hook and upbeat melody, the two artists promote positivity and encourage change across the country, highlighting the importance of the strength and durability of a united Botswanan people.

But at the same time, ATI and Veevo View are calling for social and political change in Botswana. Delivered across a series of verses, the two artists advocate for political engagement, for change across Botswana that will benefit all people, not just those at the top.

In the music video’s description, ATI calls out multimillionaire Abdul Satar Dada, a key figure in Botswana’s political and business spheres, alongside others at the top of Botswanan society, referring to them as a plague. He continues, stating: “The citizens need protection from ppl with ur low vibrational frequency. Tribalism my foot. The future of our children is looking bleek. And all you can do is focus on how insecure about yourself i make u feel. Im not saying lets pose for the camera. Let be real.”

Ease your mind young kings and queens of Botswana. This is my last album, I have a nation to stand up for.


This comes after an interview that ATI had with the Botswana Gazette last May, during which he disclosed his interest to engage in Botswanan politics. On social media, ATI stated that he managed to secure a meeting with Botswana Democratic Party’s spokesperson who promised to facilitate a meeting with President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

ATI stated that it has always been a goal of his to speak for the people of Botswana, about their daily struggles—which are often not prioritized—and also to bring attention to the governing the many injustices that exist within the country.

As a final gift to the Botswanan people, ATI disembarks with the promise of a better future for the country’s people and a remarkable message of hope: don’t worry, don’t even think about worrying; skababawara.

Skababawara - Lyrics

Tried it and I quickly regretted it
So many underneath the table shady deals
And toxic relationships
Trying to fly higher than most times
The sad painful truth about the place that I come from
Everybody walking around wearing a mask on em
Mathoko othe ake accumulatileng re utusiwa re ntse reta re jola a kgaphelwako thoko
Tshogo kgolo ele gotwe o leletse ruri batho motho kyo ke setete
Although i might not be O. K.A.Y T. O. D. A. Y
More especially when things dont go my W. A. Y
Dats because i got a P. U. R. P. O. S. E
To fulfill before i die
Inthe mean time

Ska ba ba wara
Ska ba ba wara
Not even a little

R. E. S. P. C. T me
I need to see some C. H. A. N. G. E
And L. I. V. E
F. R. E. E
I gotta C. O. P. E
Even when knee deep
H. O. P. E
People they need it
Good things are coming
You gotta believe it
You gotta believe and
Don't give em reason
To put you in deep ends
Where it's hard meet ends
You you you me
Against all odds
You you you me
It's free fall
Free for all
We can all eat
I mean we all breath the same air don't we
So don't let the another man get the upper hand
Life is language that we all comprehend
Do you copy
Roger that
You got my back I got your back
Don't run away run towards them
Head on collision
Give me reason to notice your breathing
Ma make an impact

And if a 9mm shotgun was ever placed on my head
Gotwe i shud say
Hoko lame la bohelo
Id proli say
Day i die don't waste no money on memorial service
Gobane kelediame ete e wee
Gabo goile hela yalo
Cz aller my pain would come right up to the surface yeah
Sheleng wee Sheleng wee
Se tsene gare game le mama le papa mma malome le malome
Rremmgolo tatemogolo lebo koko
Kapa batswana hela bothe ka kakaretso
Woke up early inthe morning
With a pain inthe chest ka peloe bothoko puo pha kyee yeo kgang
Has motho kelo tho
You wuda neva guessed in a million years
Baba marapo ba koahala
Baba koahetseng banna le marapo le bone
There comes a D. A. Y when the W. A. I. T. I. N. G can no longer be maintained
Puo pha kuee yeo kgang
So ke rapa rapamisitse naka la mojeremane
Jus to get to where you are

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