The Queen Takes Her Throne

Sasa Klaas released her first official single in the winter of 2013 and quickly gained in popularity both in Botswana and internationally. Now she sit’s high and mighty as the most prominent female member of the hip hop scene in Botswana, and easily beats out many of the men as well.

Her first song, H.A.D.S.A.N set the stage for her success. The lyrics exude confidence, and carry out a strong, powerful feminine narrative. With lyrics like:

Don’t compare me to Niki and I ain’t trying to be Kim

All I’m trying to be is everything that I’ve always been.

She adds positivity and energy to her lyrics that is highlighted best in the video accompanying her first single.

In the video she portrays several versions of herself. In the opening scene she dons loud, colorful, and possibly provocative clothing, seeming to invite the viewer to fully engage with the music and accompanying video and set her apart right from the beginning. Throughout the rest of the video she goes between a queen sitting on her throne in a crown and dress, and a plain t-shirt and accessories seeming to indicate that her “top class” and “bright future” aren’t a product of her title or position, but instead because of her own power and commitment to herself and her community.

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