The Lack of Women Empowerment with Female MC’s

Hip Hop is a male dominated field. Many of the male artists in their music discuss women primarily in a negative light. They either discuss women as inferior to them, discuss them as hoes, discuss women at the strip club, and more. Male MC’s fail to acknowledge women in a positive light in their music leaving a negative message about women to dominate the air waves. Although few female MC’s, it is up to them to change the way women are portrayed in music and music videos. Female MC’s have the ability to not allow sexuality to be at the forefront of their image, but to have more focus placed on the message they want listeners to receive. But, female MC’s currently have failed to incorporate a women’s empowerment message into their music. Instead they continue to do what their male counterparts do: brag about their money, brag about their bodies, and tear down other women. Instead of using their platform to empower women in their music, they continue the cycle of degrading women.

When watching South African artist Rouge’s “Mi Corazon”  the song and video lacked a message. The video captured your attention due to the visuals not due to any important message that was suppose to be displayed in the song. Rouge even rhymes in her song, “Not reppin’ the females, that’s not my focus”. She is acknowledging her failure to put on for women in an empowering manner and choosing to demean them. She has the power to use her platform to change the image of women in hip hop, yet she is choosing to continue the cycle of degrading women. When watching U.S. artist Nicki Minaj’s “Beez in the Trap” video, the video had no message towards women. The video focused on her looks as well as the other women in the video’s looks. The lyrics likewise lacked an empowering message about women nor for women. Both artists hold platforms that will allow them to change the face of women in music, yet why do they fail to do so? Their black female sexuality is put at the forefront of their music, lyrics, and image allowing the message for female empowerment to be overshadowed. If they don’t put women’s issues at the forefront of their music than who will?

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