Preserving your Identity

Beginning in 1985, the number of African students coming to the U.S. began to increase substantially. The largest increase was seen between 2000 and 2010

The Lack of Women Empowerment with Female MC’s

Hip Hop is a male dominated field. Many of the male artists in their music discuss women primarily in a negative light. They either discuss

U.S. and South African Hip Hop Artists

Hip Hop is a male dominated field with very few women in the genre. Both the United States and South Africa are breaking grounds with

“Respect the Nubians”

Hip Hop requires authenticity. No matter how you define authenticity it is the central element to hip hop. As stated in The Struggle for Authenticity

The Battle Between Hip-Hop & Pop

Our assignment was to find one hip-hop artist and one pop artist from Africa and compare their videos based on style and lyrics. I chose