The Impacts of North African Hip Hop on First Gen Americans from North Africa

Woke Tunes – Quarantine Edition: Dive in to a thoughtful discussion on the impacts of North African Hip Hop on first generation Americans. You’ll get to hear from two of my friends an Algerian American and an Egyptian American.

Music Links:

“La Case Del Mouradia” Ouled El Bahdja:

“Liberté” Soolking (feat. Ouled El Bahdja):

“Kima Hak” Lotfi DK:

“Sout Al Horeya” Amr Eid, Hani Adel, Hawary:

Audio Credit: Audio Nautix

Featured Image: “Musicians from the North” by Asayaw Osahene Asante, this image shows traditional North African instruments held by musicians. He says “Traditional instruments create interesting tunes, especially when they are made from natural materials.”

Artist Links:

Ouled El Bahja:


Lotfi DK:


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