The Impacts of North African Hip Hop on First Gen Americans from North Africa

Woke Tunes – Quarantine Edition: Dive in to a thoughtful discussion on the impacts of North African Hip Hop on first generation Americans. You’ll get

Egyptian Rapper, Marwan Moussa, Uses Artistically Unique Language in His Song “Shata2er”

Egyptian Rapper, Marwan Moussa, makes creative choices in the way he uses language on this track “Shata2er;” he released it on March 12th, 2019. Moussa

Dave’s 2020 BRIT Awards Performance Spoke Up About Discrimination and Criticized a Racist British Society

Dave wowed the crowd during his live performance at the 2020 BRIT awards after winning Album of the Year. He performed his song “Black,” in

Egyptian rapper, Felukah, making a name for herself in New York and Cairo with her song “Harlemite Honey”

Felukah’s song “Harlemite Honey,” is a great example of Felukah’s combination of her American and Egyptian identities. Felukah is currently a university student in New

Egyptian Rapper, Ahmed Mekky, Speaks Up About a Cultural Taboo with the Goal of Helping Others

Ahmed Mekky speaks on a social and religious taboo in Egypt in his song “Atr El Hayah.” This song discusses the topic of drug addiction

Egyptian Rapper, Marwan Pablo, Makes a Bold Statement in his newest song “Free”

Marwan Pablo is a member of the newest generation of Egyptian rappers. He’s only just getting started and has already made a big impact on